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Makita 5 piece sds drill bit set 1x5.5mm x 160mm
                                            1x6.0mm x 160mm
                                            1x7.0mm x 110mm
                                            1x7.0mm x 160mm
                                            1x8.0mm x 160mm
A powerful motor enables mixing of high viscosity materials such as prefab mortar, prefab plaster, cement lime, concrete quartz-containing epoxy resin, flooring & sealing compounds, gypsum & granulates up to 80kg batches.

Motor/Voltage: 110v & 240v AC 40-60 Hz
Power Input:1800 W
Protection Class: | |
Degree of Protection:IP 20
Max basket diameter: 160mm
Load Speed: 0-230/0 - 560rpm
Collet: M14 x 2

Technical Data:
349.00 plus vat
2 Stroke Engine Oil 100ml.Makita
Colours fuel for easy identification
The exact amount for 5Ltr of unleaded fuel
1.50 plus vat
Heavy duty fuel cans made from durable HDPE. Complies fully with Health and Safety Regulations SI 1982/630. Tested and approved by the Automobile Association and TUV Germany. Heavy duty long spout.
Petrol cans
8.45 plus vat
Ideal for use with our 5, 10 & 20 litre jerry cans, this flexible spout ensures fuels & liquids are poured safely and accurately without spillage. Lock-on type fitting means the rigid spout can also be used with a wide range of other fuel containers.
Jerry cans
13.20 plus vat
28.50 plus vat
A top quality, robust all steel 20 litre Jerry can which is ideal for the safe storage of a wide range of fuels & liquids, a must have for emergency situations.
20.95 plus vat
24.95 plus vat
1kg Jewel Safe Fire
2kg Jewel Safe Fire
Product Features
1kg and 2kg powder fire extinguishers are all-time best sellers due to their versatility and fighting all fires. They are our recommendation for the home and most truck cabs have them fitted. Powder will leave a mess when used but the fire would have left more! They require factory refilling and testing or service-exchange (see NOTE).

Suitable for home, truck cabs, Portacabins, small kitchen areas, small workshops, cars, vans, caravans, boats

Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (gas - but never put out a gas fire if the gas cannot then be turned off) and safe around live electrical equipment
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