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The nine elephants share a seven acre paddock at the Zoo, which comprises of five linked outside areas, including a large grass paddock, as well as two separate houses.
Additional facilities include three pools, mud wallows, dust baths and rubbing posts and high feeders.
Emmett is the herdís only adult male and he is also father to Donna born in July 2009, George born in April 2010 and latest arrival Scott born in 2011.

With the boiler breaking down in the elephant house at whipsnade the elephants were in much need of some heat. So we get a call from one of our customers to supply two large forced air heaters. With these heaters constantly running and the endless supply of gas the situation was managed and the elephants kept nice and warm until the new boiler was installed
Elephants are from hot climates such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Southern China
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We were very lucky to get our driver back as Trevor was nearly mistaken for a escaped chimpanzee
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Chris, Nigel & Shek Visit Portugal Ahead of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations
Across the sea Portugal to Spain
One of many castles that protected Portugal from
Spanish invasion
Local Portugeuse Lager
We even tried some Kangaroo steaks
Coffee on the square before retiring
for the night
"What a view, from the balcony"
Not happy just got the BILL who had all those cocktails
Casa Maderia
After dinner dancing
Scrubbs up well for a yard boy
After enjoying a few nights away in Portugal, Magnito staff members along with their guests were invited away to London for the evening. This was to celebrate Magnito Tool Hire being in business for 25 years.
We stayed along with our family members at the Park Plaza Riverside Hotel and strolled 50 yards down the road to an excellent Portuguese restaurant called "Casa Madeira".  Excellent food, wine and dancing. In the morning, we returned for a full English breakfast cooked by the Portuguese!

See pictures (things we will never forget, in particular the Dancing Monkey!)

Well Done Fabio, Jules ,Callen ,Nabib , on the great sum of money raised for a well worth charity keep up the good work from all at magnito tool hire
Raising money for shooting stars childrens hospice
There is still time to donate towards this great charity see link below